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Overall the Adidas Headquarters encompasses themed meeting spaces to express brand and image, creative pockets of working space to contain teams and breakout spaces that enhance and shape a corporate culture in line with the associated brand values.

The large showrooms were retail inspired and used as 'mock-stores' for training. Along with themed meeting rooms and functional facilities built around employee’s needs, the overall concept of the team player and Adidas’s athletic spirit was successfully captured.
Distinct business units were compartmentalised with shared facilities such as meeting spaces, utilities and storage pods providing boundaries.

A conference table in the shape of a sneaker sole

LED-illuminated bands mimic the Adidas three stripe logo.

The rigorous briefing and design process ensured Adidas's aspirations were embodied in the workplace, both strategically and aesthetically. The design solutions that grew out of these interactive discussions with the client guaranteed a result that is unique, considered and particular to Adidas.